Multi-Event / School Bell Timer

Multi-Event / School Bell Timer


Timeline Multi is a Multi-Event Timer. It is an advanced timer which functions as ON & OFF exactly as per time set/ programmed by the user. Multi-event timer is used where it is required to switch load at different times of the day for desired duration ON MULTIPLE OCCASIONS.

Number of Events:

It allows you to set max. 25 such switching events in a day as per your needs. You can apply those setting for the selected days of the week.

Each event has the following attributes which can be user programmed:

1) ON time
2) Duration
3) Active Weekdays ( Monday to Sunday)

Holidays Settings:

You can define and apply max. 20 holidays scattered throughout the year on different dates. Holiday can be defined in following format: DD/MM/YY

In addition to thisyou can apply weekly holidays. As many holidays you want in a week. Weekly holidays set would automatically get applied to every week.

Holiday Ranges :

You can define and apply maximum 10 holiday ranges. You can define Date Range/s.

Holiday ranges can be defined as follows:
Start date : DD/MM/YY
End date : DD/MM/YY
Like this, you have an option to add such 10 different Holidays Date Ranges

Bypass Mode:

Manual Override (Manual Bypass) is available. When for some reason if you wish to switch it ON or OFF the Timer prematurely, then you can use this "Bypass" Function. When "Bypass" is pressed & at that time if Timer Output is OFF, it will turn ON. If Timer output is ON, it will turn OFF. So, by pressing "Bypass" it will change the output complimentary to Timer's current output state.


  • User friendly operations
  • Max. 25 independently programmable events per day (depending upon event/ prog lengths)
  • Applicability for each event on which weekdays is user selectable. Can define weekly active or holidays for each event
  • Max. 20 user programmable holiday dates scattered in a year
  • Max. 10 user programmable holiday ranges
  • Max. event/ prog. duration (ON time duration) from1sec to 23hours 59minutes 59seconds
  • Bypass mode for manual operation
  • Shows upcoming event
  • Memory backup in case of power failures


  • School/ College Bell for Periods & Breaks
  • Office / Factories Tea & Lunch Breaks
  • Water Pump/ Sprinkler
  • Timed functionality of any electric load
  • Water Heater
  • Solar Heated Water Distribution


  • Input voltage range: 90V to 350V AC, 50/60 Hz
  • Max load current 22A / 5 KW single phase resistive
  • Separate setting for event/ prog. time and event/ prog. duration
  • Power failure memory backup
  • Designed & mfd. in India to suit Indian power conditions
  • Passes stringent Voltage Fluctuation tests as per IEC Standards
  • Dimensions (mm) : 72 (H) x 120 (w) x 61 (D)


Timer's internal relay performs On-Off operations of electrical load connected to its output according to events/ programmes set by the user. It can have max. 25 multiple events / programmes in a day depending upon lengths of the events/ programmes.

Basic Construction (1 Phase Load) :

It has a compact form factor and excellent build quality. This is a simple wall mountable timer. Its construction can also be modified to suit customer specific requirements like DIN RAIL mounting and so on. This product can handle load up to 5KW Resistive - Single Phase Load. For higher load, place order for Panel Constructed versions having contactor of suitable ratings.

Panel Construction for 3 Phase Load:

Timeline Multi also can be supplied in a full panel form that includes a contactor & MCBs to suit any KW ratings ranging from 5KW to hundreds of KW. Panel can be supplied in different IP Grades to suit various environmental conditions.


Timeline Multi features:
- A two lines LCD display with bright green backlight for user interaction along with 3 keys.
- By default, LCD displays date, time, day of the week and upcoming event if any.
- LCD/keypad interface allows user to enter settings for Events, holidays, holiday ranges or current time/date.
- LED indication for Load status (Green for LOAD ON and red for LOAD OFF)

High Voltage Sustainability (Optional):

This product can sustain High Line Voltage up to 440V AC. By accident, if single phase supply turns to 440V A.C, this product can sustain it for some time.

Availability & Warranty:
• Product can be sourced directly from us by contacting us on
• This product comes with one year standard warranty against any manufacturing defect. This is a Carry-in-Warranty.

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