Astronomical Street Light Timer

Astronomical Time Switch

Timeline Street Light Timer (Timeline Astro)

Timeline Astro is a astronomical timer. It is an advanced timer. It functions as ON & OFF at DUSK & DAWN respectively as per GPS Co-ordinates set in the timer. Either user can set those coordinates or we can supply the Timer factory set for your desired GPS Location. . User can set current date, month & year in DD:MM:YYY format. Also the user can set the current clock time in HH:MM format. In fact, those settings come by default factory settings as per IST (Indian Standard Time). Once those two parameters are set, your Timeline Astro Timer is ready to function.


Street Lights, Garden Lights, Basement Lights, Staircase Lights, Parking Lights, Lights in Lobbies & Corridors, Hoarding Lights and so on.


Internal software looks at the current date and GPS Location Programmed, and automatically decides applicable ON TIME and OFF TIME of the lights. This way, it takes care of seasonal variations in Dusk - Dawn (Sunset - Sunrise) timings and calculates exact time for Lights ON & Lights OFF. This happens every day in a gradual manner throughout the year. As the earth passes through same orbit around the Sun, this timer functions exactly the same every year. This way, seasonal variations in Sunrise and Sunset Timings are automatically taken care of. This gives a relief to the user from frequent adjustments of On Time and Off Time when season changes from Summer to Monsoon, Monsoon to Winter & Winter to Summer. In short, the active slot (On to Off) of this timer operation is "Automatically and Dynamically" decided by internal Softwere. User doesn't have to bother about adjusting the settings after installation.

Basic Construction (1 Phase Load):

It has a compact form factor and excellent build quality. This is a simple wall mountable timer. It's construction can be also modified to suit customer specific requirements like DIN RAIL Mounting and so on. This product can handle load up to 5KW Resistive - Single Phase Load. For higher load, go for Panel Constructed versions.

Panel Construction For 3 Phase Load:

Timeline Astro also can be supplied in a full panel form that includes contractor & MCBs to suit any KW ratings ranging from 5KW to Hundreds of KW. Panel can be supplied in IP Grade to suit various environmental conditions.

Features & Controls:

This timer comes with big LCD Display with bright backlight to indicate current date, Current Time, On Time, Off Time, Load On Status etc. Besides this, the Timer has 3 multifunction keys. Bicolor LED shows load status. Red color indicates load is ON. Green color indicates the load is ON.

A. Bypass Mode: Manual Override (Manual Bypass) is available. When the Timer has not yet switched ON, and for some reason if you wish to switch it ON prematurely, then you can use this "Bypass" Function.

B. Basement Mode: Basements and Staircases are such covered areas which turn dark about 20-30 min before actual Sunset/ Dusk time. Similarly, those areas lighten up about 20-30 min later than actual Sunrise/ Dawn time. So if you wish to fix this problem, then select this "Basement Mode"and forget such problems for ever.

C. High Voltage Sustainability (Optional): This product can sustain High Line Voltage up to 440V AC. By accident, it single phase supply turns to 440V A.C, this product can sustain it.

D. User Programmable High Voltage Cutout (Optional): In case of sudden high voltage appearing across the line where this timer is connected, there is an optional feature of High Voltage Trip/ Cutout. The Trip Level is User Programmable in steps of 5V from 265V to 310V. There is no option available to set the Trip Level above 310V as no electrical lamp will sustain line voltage higher than 310V.

E.Date & Time Adjustments: User can adjust Date & Time with an ease.

F.On Time & Off Time Adjustments: This is deliberately not available for the user. Internal software dynamically and automatically does this job for the user. This leaves user free of hassles form adjusting Lights ON and Lights Off Timings every 45 days as the season advances.

Availability & Warranty:

Product can be sourced directly from us by contacting us on This product comes with one year standard warranty against any manufacturing defect. This is a Carry-in-Warranty.


    ON-OFF timings of the lights are automatically chosen by the software applicable to your GPS Location. Automatically takes care of seasonal variations in Sunrise-Sunset timings.

  • Astronomical timer for On-Off control
  • User friendly & intuitive user interface design
  • Bypass mode available for manual On-Off control
  • Bi-color panel LED to indicate lead On or Off
  • Saves power by punctually maintaining On-Off timings of the load
  • Basement Mode especially for staircase & basement area


  • Street Lights ON-OFF
  • Lights on construction site ON-OFF
  • Corridors Lights
  • Parking lots Lights
  • Staircase Lights
  • Street lights


  • Input voltage range: 130V to 350V A.C, 50/60 Hz
  • Max. contact rating: 5KW@ 230V A.C
  • Bright backlit LCD display to show status
  • Separate setting for ON & OFF
  • Power failure memory backup
  • User friendly operations
  • Designed & Mfd. In india to suit Indian power conditions
  • Passes stringent voltage fluctuation tests as per IEC Standards
  • Dimensions (mm) : 73 (H) x 118(w) x 63 (D)
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