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A New Approach Towards Appliance Protection

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Located In Bhosari, Pune We Take Pride In calling the dependable EMS Source with state-of-the-art manufacturing and testing facility we undertake jobs from design to mass production we are ISO 9001 : 2008 certified company with a strong motto “Quality First”

Smart Plug is one of our quality product which will serve accurately for the year to come.


Sophisticated appliances are sensitive to VOLTAGE FLUCTUATIONS. Voltage stabilizers have their own limit to sustain voltage fluctuations. So there are bright chances that your appliances can get damaged, Due to voltage fluctuations. You need Smart Plug to protect your appliances…. So, hurry up…. and place your order NOW….. Available on all leading online portals.


Smart Plug 16 amp AC Microwave

Smart Plug functioning:

Mains Power Condition Reaction Of Smart Plug
1) Mains Input Voltage Healthy 1)  When The Mains Power Supply Falls Within Pre-Set Tolerances (170V-270V) The Power Is Automatically Provided To Appliance Connected To Smart Plug2) Smart Plug Feeds Healthy Power To Appliance
2) Mains Input Voltage Bad(Hi Or Low) 1) When The Mains Power Supply Fluctuates Outside Pre-Set Tolerances (170V-270V) The Power Is Automatically Disconnected From Reaching Appliance Connected To Smart Plug2) No Power To  Appliance

Smart Plug has 3 models

Smart Plug 6A

One 6A Smart Plug Can be economically use by connecting extension board as shown in the picture below


  • TV
  • Home Theater, Music system
  • Washing machines ( Without Heater )
  • DTH Setup box
  • Laptops
  • Scientific Instruments
  • Tested Measurement Instruments

Smart Plug 6amp Tv dth laptops







Smart Plug 16 A

Connect Separately


  • Washing Machines
  • Microwave oven
  • Dish Washer
  • Air Conditioner ( Window AC or Split AC)

Smart Plug 16 amp AC Microwave







Smart Plug 6A Fridge

Ask for separate model for fridge with 3 min start up delay

Smart Plug 6 a fridge








protection of refrigerator (fridge) from severe voltage fluctuations


Dim. L x M x H                                 :129 x 50 x 68 mm

High Voltage Trip                             : 270 A.C + /-2%

Low Voltage Trip                              : 170 A.C + /-2%

Hysteresis                                          : 5v to 10v

Startup delay                                    : 5 Sec/300 Sec

Current Rating Options                   : 6A /16A

Max. Operating Voltage Range       : 0 to 440V A.C

How To Install Smart Plug………?

Just take Smart Plug in your hand and plug it in the mains wall socket. Then fix plug pin of your appliance to the power outlet socket of    Smart Plug. So simple as that……. No need of any skilled personnel…!

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